Carbon Offset

Donate to Envision's tree-planting initiative and help offset carbon emissions from transportation to the festival. Through these generous donations, we planted 10,000 trees in 2020.




In 2020 Envision Festival formed “Somos El Cambio,”  a non-profit association which aims to raise and channel funds towards projects that benefit the immediate community as well as Costa Rica nationally. Here are a few of the efforts we've coordinated over the last year:

  • 8,665 trees planted towards our 10k tree goal for 2020
  • $17,000 worth of medical equipment donated to the local hospital in Ciudad Cortes for COVID relief efforts
  • $5,000 to a local food bank to support families in need during the COVID crisis 
  • 4,000 trees donated to the local water Association to restore 6 hectares of water springs that feed water to all of Uvita and the surrounding areas
  • Planted ~230 trees during the festival with help from headliner artists such as Clozee, Be Svendsen, as well as Envision attendees, influencers and staff. 
  • Formed lasting alliances with local Government associations such as MINAE, ASADA Uvita, and Costas Verdes to coordinate tree donations and support for future initiatives.

Now, thanks to our partnership with the owners of Rancho la Merced, we are working together to create biological corridors throughout the neighboring property's cattle farms by planting trees along all of the roads and fence-lines of each pasture. So far we've:

  • Planted 4,800 trees
  • Reforested 14km of roads and fencelines

By focusing on fruit and nut trees that the animals like most, we are creating long, interlacing lines of trees that will provide food and shelter to help animals make the crossing between the mountains and coast. Sprinkled amongst the fruit trees we've planted rare indigenous hardwoods that we hope will one day be the grandfathers amongst a forest full of wildlife once again.



A Greener Festival

AGF Assessor Summary:  “Envision Festival has excelled in terms of Local Community Impacts, Management Systems and External Reach and Behavioural Change. They are committed to motivating a positive transformation in their audience, and the atmosphere and vibration at the festival was amazing. The talks and workshops, yoga and healing areas, the music and art and collaboration with local environmental charities all inspired major environmental and social awareness among the audience. The Eco-Hub, the volunteers and the Sustainable Dish program worked together to keep the site incredibly clean at all times. The tree planting ceremony and the beach clean-up are such terrific ways of enhancing the local ecosystem that are producing results year on year. The procurement policies were admirable, with the vast majority of all consumables obtained fairly and sustainably from the local community, and emphasis on "Maker to Consumer". The impact that that festival has had on the municipality with regard to upgrading the water infrastructure and educating them in safe event systems was excellent. The Envision management team are thinking and acting in many ways to become fully sustainable and Earth Positive.” 

Our initiatives

Over the Years


15 tons

Trash cleared from beaches



To fund local water system upgrades



To fund crime prevention program



Trees Planted



Funded Community Youth Centers & Lifeguard Program



We work hard to give back to the local community that gives so much to support the temporary utopia we are privileged to call home for one week out of the year. From working with local residents, volunteers and government officials on numerous beach and highway cleanups, to sponsoring local lifeguards, professional surf teams and surrounding schools, we are continuously finding ways to strengthen our alliances in order to maximize our social and environmental impact.

With help from our partners at Limpiando Osa, we have cleaned up 75 kilometers of beaches and streets, collecting a total of 15 tons of trash. Sign up for our newsletter at the bottom of this page to find stay tuned to the various ways you can support these efforts!

Watch Our Films

Envision Festival 'Official 2022 Trailer': Join The Utopian Jungle Experience

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It is with heavy hearts and with respect for our local and international community, that we use 2021 to refocus our efforts.

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Here’s some absolute pure Envision magic for you. Re-live the raw, sexy, mystical sunrise-set that #BeSvendsen created last month during #Envision2020...can you feel the magic?

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"A groundbreaking experience aimed at changing the way we understand our fundamental connection with nature"


"I had heard tell of the seemingly mythical Envision Festival situated where the jungle meets the Pacific Ocean in Uvita, Costa Rica, but stories about a music festival couldn’t possibly have prepared me for the “expansive and thoughtful celebration of creation, dance, yoga, art, nature, healthy living, and sustainability” that comprised the magical reality of this experience."


"It's not just about dancing to the music, but learning lifestyle practices that can make a lasting change in your life and in society at large."


It’s a place to connect with your inner spirit, dance to local indigenous music as well as names from the global dance scene and is a place to learn about sustainability, the environment and much more

Festival Sqaud

Costa Rican wilderness became home to the planting of thousands of seeds, a genesis of new ideas that have the power to bring some seriously positive change to the outside world. People try new things and find out what they love, making a huge impact down the road somewhere.

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A sustainable utopia, a solution for the future...