Discover Envision. More than a festival

Envision is an invitation; to dream, to connect, to learn and inspire. Disconnected from modern civilization, we awaken the sense of belonging with the natural world around us. We learn to prioritize our health, passions, art and love.



We promote regenerative solutions so guests depart with the tools and inspiration to integrate sustainable practices into their own lives, businesses and communities. There is no finish line on the road to sustainability and a thriving ecosystem. It is our responsibility to weigh each step we take with the impact it has on this planet.


We deliver cutting edge music that blends genres and creates a positive and interactive dance floor experience. Our focus is to remove borders and genre limitations; to open hearts and expand minds.


We acknowledge the interconnectedness of all beings and all things. We create a safe space to share knowledge and ideas that inspire the awakening and expansion of consciousness without being dogmatic or exclusive.


Through the practice of yoga, dance, martial arts and other sacred movement, we reinforce the connection of mind, body and spirit while building community and personal connection. We believe these experiences directly empower action and activism in the world.


We promote conversation about how best to apply modern and ancient practices, to heal ourselves, while prioritizing the sustainability of the planet.


Living is an art form. At Envision we curate a 360 degree immersive art environment that blends the edges of the canvas with the world around it. Through art, we inspire and promote radical self-expression in harmony with nature.


We invite thought-leaders and change-makers to represent each of our pillars. We believe in a holistic education, in order to inspire each and every one of us to create the world we envision. We all have room to grow and approach education with humility.

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7 pillars of envision

Our pillars represent our 7 key attributes that make up the holistic experience on which Envision is founded on. Click on each pillar in the pillar wheel to explore our values behind each of these attributes. We believe in well-balanced education and experience that is interconnected with our relationship to nature.

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What our community says
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“For 7 incredible days I continually rediscovered my deep love and affection for the human condition. Envision took everything that no longer served my being and gave me everything I never knew I needed.”

Melvin - Argentina

Absolutely Magical

"Dancing under the jungle canopy was one of the most magical things I have ever done before. The amount of community and love, music, art and nature was absolutely breath-taking, humbling and inspiring. ”

Marie - France

Blew my mind!

“This festival went above and beyond my expectations. It was a gathering of like minded people coming from the most diverse backgrounds. It was place to mediate, to do yoga, to express yourself and to trust one and other. It was an enchanted jungle where witches, warlocks and mermaids came to life.”

Alper Levis - Montréal

One of a Kind Festival

“I’ve never experienced a festival like this one in all my years attending festivals. There was so much strength and wisdom in it’s bones. The culture inside was similar to many festivals I’ve attended in the past, but this huge difference was felt.”

Javier - Costa Rica

World-Class Experience

“I think every festival should be done with this amount of care and intention as this one. Where we LOVE and care about each other and community. Where sustainability is the forefront.”

Kacee - France

Intentional with every single detail

“The atmosphere of the festival along with the love of its community members totally broke me open and filled me with such an incredible sense of connectedness.”

Garret - Arizona, USA

I'm 100% in every year

"Envision was a journey of new friends, reawakening to the self, practice and growth as a loving partner and father, & big-time joy. •• @niktanic said it best when she said she’d never seen Julien happier. Frankly, it’s been a long while since I’ve felt so happy either. Being around so many people who share my ideals was a powerful, heart expanding experience. My wife is already talking about next year and I’m 100% for it."

Steve - New York, USA

Just wow! I fully get the hype.

"Just wow. I’ve heard so many amazing things over the years, and now I fully get the hype. The jungle & beach vibes combined with an epic transformational music festival is truly something special. This is a festival in a taxing and challenging environment, and it pushes most people to their limits more than once. But through that, we all grow. We all evolve. Trial by fire. I’d rather spend some time uncomfortable and GROW than live inside my comfort zone and be stagnant. Still relishing in the post-fest bliss. Thank you Envision. "

Summer - California, USA

Best party in the world

Each night there I say to myself “This must be the best party in the world.”

Maddy - Colorado, USA