10 years of Growth, Evolution and Community

Our Story

We are a festival | We are a celebration | We are a message | We are a movement

We are a concept of utopia; an example of a solution for the change this world desperately needs. Envision is an invitation; to awaken, to connect, to learn, and to inspire. In true collaboration with one another, together we Envision a new future.


About Us

Envision's mission is to create an eye-opening experience that turns us onto a new form of living; a new way to be inspired. To provide tools that can be integrated into the life we are already living or to inspire a complete shift in our life path. The connection to nature can be felt in every aspect of Envision and the ripple effect of what people then take away from the festival is much more potent than just a good party.


We promote regenerative solutions that inspire guests to integrate sustainable practices into their own lives. There is no finish line on the road to sustainability; it is our responsibility to consider the impact of each step we take.


We deliver cutting edge music that blends genres and creates a positive and interactive dance floor experience. Our focus is to remove borders and genre limitations; to open hearts and expand minds.


We acknowledge the interconnectedness of all beings and all things. We create a safe space to share knowledge and ideas that inspire the awakening and expansion of consciousness without being dogmatic or exclusive.


Through the practice of yoga, dance, and sacred movement, we reinforce the connection of mind, body and spirit while building community and connection. We believe these experiences directly empower action and activism.


We promote conversation about how best to apply modern and ancient practices, to heal ourselves, while prioritizing the sustainability of the planet.


Living is an art form. At Envision we curate a 360 degree immersive art environment that blends the edges of the canvas with the world around it. Through art, we inspire and promote radical self-expression in harmony with nature.


We invite thought-leaders and change-makers in each of our pillars, promoting holistic education in order to inspire each and every one of us to create the world we envision. We all have room to grow and approach education with humility.

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7 Pillars of Envision

Our pillars represent our 7 key attributes that make up the holistic experience on which Envision is founded on. Click on each pillar in the pillar wheel to explore our values behind each of these attributes. We believe in well-balanced education and experience that is interconnected with our relationship to nature.

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Somos El Cambio

In 2020 Envision Festival introduced “Somos El Cambio,”  our non-profit association formed in the national register of Costa Rica.   Through the creation of Somos El Cambio, Envision Festival aims to raise and channel funds towards projects that benefit the immediate community as well as Costa Rica nationally. Here are a few of the efforts we've coordinated over the last year:

  • 7,760 trees planted towards our 10k tree goal for 2020
  • $17,ooo worth of medical equipment donated to the local hospital in Ciudad Cortes for COVID relief efforts
  • $5,000 to a local food bank for COVID relief 
  • Reforested neighboring cattle pastures, creating biological corridors throughout the property
  • 4,000 trees donated to the local water association to restore the water springs that feed water to all of Uvita and the surrounding areas
  • Over 1,000 native tree species reproduced


A Greener Festival Award

AGF Assessor Summary: “Envision Festival has excelled in terms of Local Community Impacts, Management Systems and External Reach and Behavioural Change [...] The Eco-Hub, the volunteers and the Sustainable Dish program worked together to keep the site incredibly clean at all times. The tree planting ceremony and the beach clean-up are such terrific ways of enhancing the local ecosystem [...] The procurement policies were admirable, with the vast majority of all consumables obtained fairly and sustainably from the local community, and emphasis on "Maker to Consumer". The impact that that festival has had on the municipality with regard to upgrading the water infrastructure and educating them in safe event systems was excellent. The Envision management team are thinking and acting in many ways to become fully sustainable and Earth Positive.” 


Our History

Over the last 10 years we’ve been actively contributing to the local community and environment. From organizing local beach clean up efforts to bringing activism to the international stage, Envision's mission to bring a positive footprint towards the social, environmental and economical aspects of our local and international communities is an ongoing commitment to the enrichment of our planet. Here's what we've done so far (and we're just getting started!)

  • 15 tons of trash collected from beach and highway clean-ups
  • $17,000 donated to fund local water program
  • $5,000 to fund crime prevention program
  • Over 50,000 trees planted
  • Funded the community center lifeguard program for 6 weeks 
  • Purchase and installed a new roof for the Flor de Bahia school


Uvita, Costa Rica

Whether you're zipping through the jungle canopy, feeling the rush of a cool splash from a waterfall, catching your first wave, or ascending a misty mountain peak – Costa Rica not only packs an epic adventure; it reconnects you to the raw force of nature that awakens your inner wild. In moving toward a 7 day event, we invite you to take it easy, explore the area, maximize your experience, and truly root down into your being. Your illuminated presence in the world is needed now more than ever.