Envisioning Magic

Punta Mona and Envision Festival

An intimate deep dive into nature, community & yourself

February 15 - 24, 2020



Envisioning Magic

From February 15 - 24th, enjoy 10 days traveling and immersing together from the Caribbean to the Pacific Coast of Costa Rica. Give yourself time to slow down and make a pause into your essence.

Rest your mind, relax your body and open up your heart into the oneness. Connect with dreamers, change makers, entrepreneurs and visionaries that are making a better place possible. Emerge your best version, embody your purpose and amplify your vision. Reset, recharge and get ready to Celebrate your Higher Self in at Envision Festival. All while enjoying the masterful sounds of Mose's 'Music for the Soul'.


San José

Accommodation in a Cool Urban Hotel + Opening Dinner

Punta Mona

Full accommodation + all meals & snacks + a warm and caring community

Get ready for indulging in jungle gourmet meals and deep nature connection. Music by Mose!

Envision Festival Ticket + Theme camp, your pre-set tents and beds waiting for you so you can spend your time dancing and connecting with your new family and friends, followed by a special community dinner at Envision.

All Transportation

- Shuttle: San Jose – Punta Mona

- Private Plane: Punta Mona – Quepos

- Shuttle to Envision Festival

- Shuttle from Envision to San Jose

We’ll take care of all your needs along the way... Give yourself this gift, secure your spot, get ready and join us for this transformational and magical experience.



Mose is one of our favorite Intentional DJ’s  in the world. He plays organic midtempo/downtempo steady beat music.  For him, music is an opportunity to journey to deep spaces, opening channels and an opportunity to open altered states of consciousness.  Mose spends many days in silent retreat and it has taken a primary role in his spiritual path of self discovery and subsequent expression. He works closely with his dreams and incorporate the hermetic Kabalistic tree of life as his map. This allows him to refine his ability to listen to a higher guidance in order to deepen into music.  Come enjoy with us this special offering, a deep tribal medicine beats in the jungle in Punta Mona!


Jungle Gourmet Foods

Indulge in organic, vegetarian, jungle-gourmet. Punta Mona chefs cook 3 community meals a day from ingredients freshly-harvested from their food forest, greenhouse and herb gardens.

Permaculture Design and Herbalism

Punta Mona is one of the most established, bio-diverse permaculture education centers in Central America, and is a mecca for herbal education & medicine-making

Yoga Practice & Music by Mose

Take your practice deeper, surrounded by the lush Caribbean jungle.



Envision Festival 5-day Theme Camp ticket

Special jungle gourmet community dinner at Envision

Envisioning Magic theme camp with lounge

Solo Bueno lounge access

Ready-Set-Camp or Bring Your Own Tent accommodations at Envision

Music by Mose


Stephen Brooks

Stephen Brooks has over 20 years of experience working on the creation of thriving ecological communities, beginning in 1995 with The Punta Mona Center for Regenerative Design and Botanical Studies, which has become a world leader in tropical permaculture and an extensive botanical collection of useful plants.   In 2006 La Ecovilla was founded as a world model for sustainable living, made up of of 45 families from 25 countries.  In 2008, Stephen co-founded Tacotal, neighboring La Ecovilla in hopes of helping lower income Costa Ricans and others who could not afford to live at La Ecovilla.  His most recent addition is Alegria which neighbors La Ecovilla and is 170nacres and will include 100 more lots, an elder village, an event space as well as high school being created by a crew from The Green School in Bali.

Stephen also co-founded and co-produces the annual Envision Festival, an educational and conscious celebration on the Pacific Coast of Costa Rica featuring music, workshops, art installations and a host of activities designed to build community and inspiration around creating a sustainable world. Nearly 8000 people attended the Envision Festival in 2019

Norman Brooks

Norman is the father and best friend of Punta Mona founder and Envision Festival co-founder Stephen Brooks.  He works closely with Stephen on all things.  He is also the co founder with Stephen of La Ecovilla, an eco-community in Costa Rica with 45 families from 25 countries.  He is also co-founder of neighboring community Alegria Village.  He is passionate about helping young people connect with their elders and invite them into their alternative world!

Andrea Belen

Andrea is a passionate about inner transformation, non-violent communication, emotional intelligence, feminine empowerment and social impact endeavors.  She is the founder of Etérea, a sustainable fashion and conscious lifestyle brand. She also founded Espacio, an Independent Design platform, which assembles a community of more than 35 creative entrepreneurs.  She also co-founded Dress your Rights, a non-profit organization whose mission is to develop and promote a paradigm of conscious, ethical and responsible sense of style and fashion, as a tool for social transformation. Her mission is to contribute towards a more encompassing and equitable world.

Toni Alejandria

Toni has 15+ years of event planning around the world, She brings her passion for experiences, art, and community building to the Envisioning Magic Experience. Previously the co-founder of two companies in tech and currently working in community building, she can often be found following her wanderlust from the deserts of Israel and sights of the Northern Lights in the Arctic Circle to the hills of California's countryside and cities of Mexico.

Marielly Alba

Marielly Alba Is An Attorney Turned Fashion Designer, Spiritual Life Coach, Meditation Teacher, Master In Manifestation, Entrepreneur And Happiness Seeker. After Graduating With From her Master’s Degree At The University Of Miami, She Realized She Found Her Greatest Joy In Helping People Create The Life Of Their Dreams By Shaping Their Thoughts. She Is A Firm Believer In The Magic Of The Universe And Believes In Combining Aligned Action With Intention- Using Cosmic Forces To Create A Life Beyond One’s Wildest Dreams.

February 15 - 24 20209 nights


Excludes taxes + fees

Excludes a 6.5% booking fee and 13% Costa Rican sales tax