Humans I Trust VIP Theme Camp

Envision's newest VIP experience for entrepreneurs, change makers, and influencers. Hosted by Humans I Trust.



Humans I Trust VIP Theme Camp

The newest VIP experience offering, hosted by Humans I Trust, features multiple lounges (including a Treehouse lounge!), private bar with refreshments, VIP restrooms + showers, concierge, and amenities and a new stage with programming throughout the 7 days from change-makers and leaders in technology, music, and arts.

Imagine, waking up refreshed and inspired for a new day at Envision, walking over to our coffee, tea and snack station, striking up a conversation with a fellow entrepreneur who is on the same fulfilling journey as you. From immersive workshops, to animal dances and tribe music jams. Every moment is filled with new wonder and possibilities. This camp is for the tribe that’s living their best lives helping bring about benevolent system change & the more beautiful world we all know is possible.



New Private Air Conditioned Accommodations

Humans I Trust VIP Theme Camp is home of our newest onsite VIP accommodation: the Air-Conditioned Oasis Shiftpod (purchase required).

Treehouse Lounge

Relax amongst the canopies and plug in for intimate conversation. Descend beneath the treehouse for a shaded seating area and see it all become illuminated at night.

Theme Camp Bar

Enjoy an exclusive menu of refreshing elixirs and tonics, as well as coffee, tea, and snacks.

Dedicated Programming

Learn, be inspired, and dance through your Envision experience with programming featuring leaders in technology, music, and arts.

Access all VIP Areas and Amenities

VIP showers and restrooms will help you coast through your week in our jungle paradise.

VIP Concierge Service

Exclusive concierge service to help you make the most of your experience with excursions, spa bookings, happy hours and indulgent surprises.



Access to all VIP areas and amenities

VIP Theme Camp Admission from Sunday 2/26/23 - Monday 3/6/23

Exclusive entry & accommodation to Humans I Trust Camp throughout festival

Each ticket plants a tree (Save the Amazon #PledgeToEarth)

Roundtrip shuttle transportation

New Air Conditioned Private Accommodation Options (Purchase Required)

Private Theme Camp Bar with Refreshments and Elixirs

Networking and bonding opportunities with changemakers, artists, and entrepreneurs

Stage with programming throughout the 7 days

Treehouse and ground lounges

Exclusive concierge service to help you make the most of your experience with excursions, spa bookings, happy hours and indulgent surprises.


Humans I Trust

Humans I Trust is a private membership community whose mission is to connect heart-centered creators and influencers to network, educate, collaborate, and play while building a regenerative future for humanity.

What people say

I’ve gained lifelong friends, had some incredibly heart centered business collaborations, and learned so much through my involvement with everything they’re up to. I can’t imagine my life having not dove into all the love, magic, and support this community has to offer

Eddie Evolves

“This is where the “I Trust You” comes in. Because you join a group of people that you trust that you know that you love the moment you meet them. You feel connected because technology isn’t in the way, youre in physical presence with them & there’s performances & workshops & facilitations that take place that nurture that connection from the heart.

William Blakey

I walked into the camp the first day & I don’t think I ever left after that. I was welcomed in like family. I’d never been treated with such kindness. There was always snacks and music and laughter and love and art and games and it was a whole festival in itself. I could have easily stayed in the camp the whole time. It was a gift, a blessing, and the most amazing experience of my life. It opened doors for me. I met people who have changed the pathway of my life forever. I cannot say thank you enough.


Humans I Trust at Envision was absolutely incredible. We created the most amazing space of love & trust & every time I came back into the camp I just felt like I was coming home. I stepped away from this with more confidence and certainty in who I am, what I have to offer, and how much love & support I have around me.

Lauren Gallagher

February 27 - March 6 20237 nights


Excludes taxes + fees

Excludes a 6.5% booking fee and 13% Costa Rican sales tax