Whale Monitoring Tour

A unique whale experience with a certified Biologist



Whale Monitoring Tour

Envision has teamed up with the local non-profit, Innoceana, and their conservation center, Marine Conservation and Education Center, to offer a whale monitoring tour unlike any other!

The South Pacific of Costa Rica witnesses an incredible event every year, 2 different populations of Humpback whales arrive to the tropical warm waters to give birth, raise their babies, and mate. From January to March, we receive the North Population, coming from Alaska, while from July to October we host the curious and friendly South Population. During our whale monitoring, we will use various innovative technologies to study and identify individuals. We will fly a drone, use a hydrophone to record and hear the whale’s songs, work on photo identification, and record any strange or interesting behavior.

We suggest bringing the following on this whale monitoring experience:






Shuttle to/from Envision Festival & MCEC

Lunch & Snacks

Materials for Whale Monitoring

Certified Biologist

February 26 - March 5 20237 nights

FROM$165 Per Person

Excludes taxes + fees

Excludes a 6.5% booking fee and 13% Costa Rican sales tax