Herbal First Aid Clinical Retreat

14-day retreat to learn and implement practical knowledge surrounding the healing powers of medicinal plants.



Herbal First Aid Clinical Retreat

Have you ever wanted to be in service, gaining hands-on experience in herbal medicine and First Aid?

In the high paced, high vibe setting of Envision Festival, students of all levels get to learn and practice, with supervision of skilled professional herbalists.

Learning basic acute care, on-the-fly formulations, herbal materia medica, client intakes, and pop-up herbal clinic strategies, students get an immersion in integrated medicine and community resilience.

This is our fifth year offering the Herbal First Aid Clinic, the training sets herbal students on the road to being trusted healing hands in their communities, making them valuable assets to relief efforts and gives them the embodied confidence in the power of the medicinal plants!

Participants have seven days of class, followed by five days of supervised practice/with a team of established herbalists to support you working adjacent to, and mutually supportive of the Official Medical and Harm Reduction. Students are fully integrated into the Envision team, bringing holistic wellness to this amazingly eclectic community!



Ethics & Limitations in Herbal First Aid

What is the role of herbalism in response and relief work, and how do we integrate and complement conventional medicine? We will speak to our personal experience in the field working with large scale events, protests, disaster relief and various international community clinics.

Acute Care Diagnostics and Red Flag Symptoms

Students will learn how to quickly, effectively and safely assess the needs of a patient in high paced, high energy environments while observing when to seek the assistance of other medical professionals.

Herbal Materia Medica for Acute Care

Using an extensive array of medicinal plants and mushrooms in the Envision Herbal Clinic, students will review the therapeutics and tissue states for each medicine we will use in clinic, focusing on how it is applied in a treatment protocol, what it formulates best with, and what are the appropriate analogs.

Treatment Protocols and Formulations

We will do many demos and mock situations for a variety of common ailments encountered at Envision, including washing and wrapping wounds, how to use eye cups, neti pots, basic bedside manner, intake process, triage, dosing discharge, and follow up care.

Wild Crafting, Plant Walks and the Ethical Use of Plants

The Envision Apothecary features organically cultivated and ethically wildcrafted medicinal plants and mushrooms, fresh, tinctured and in teas. In a global world where herbal medicine is becoming once again the norm for communities, we have to make sure we are treating the plants with the respect they deserve, by not over harvesting, being aware of their ecosystems and making sure that people taking medicinal plants and mushrooms are using them appropriately, not just following trends. We will walk the grounds of Rancho la Merced as well as the coast of the Bahia Ballena, wildcrafting an identifying the abundant medicinal plants found right around us!

Educational Materials

We will spend some time making fun educational signs to be posted around the festival, to get people thinking about their wellbeing and bring awareness to the Clinic… “There is an herb for that!”



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Three meals per day from February 9 - 19

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Saturday, February 9th at 10 AM


Monday, February 24th after 12 PM



Laura Palmieri, “Lala” is a biologist, botanical explorer, herbalist, gardener, permaculturist & teacher, working life-long with plants. She was raised in an oasis in Guatemala City, cultivating orchids and other epiphytes, building green walls and aquaponic systems. She's lived at Punta Mona for four years as a permaculture & herbal medicine educational facilitator and mentor to apprentices and volunteers. Lala co-leads the Village Witches Herbal Clinic at Envision and Cosmic Convergence Festivals with Sarah Wu, organizes free clinics for disaster relief and is also a member of the Fungi Academy. She is passionate about life and all living creatures.

February 10 - 23 202013 nights


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