Our Location

Uvita, Costa Rica



Rancho la Merced

Once cleared as a cattle pasture, over the last 7 years at Rancho la Merced the Envision festival site has been reforested and transformed into the lush jungle playground that we get to call home for one week out of the year... Leaving the monkeys, sloths, iguanas, hawks and lapas (macaws) to carry on the shenanigans while we're away. 

In 2020 we committed to planting an additional 10k trees in honor of our ten year anniversary. We're excited to share that so far we far exceeded that goal and are still going! To support our reforesting efforts,  offset your carbon emissions, and help co-create our home - click below!



Now, thanks to our partnership with the owners of Rancho la Merced, we are working together to create biological corridors throughout the neighboring property's cattle farms by planting trees along all of the roads and fence-lines of each pasture. So far we've:

  • Planted 4,800 trees
  • Reforested 14km of roads and fencelines

By focusing on fruit and nut trees that the animals like most, we are creating long, interlacing lines of trees that will provide food and shelter to help animals make the crossing between the mountains and coast. Sprinkled amongst the fruit trees we've planted rare indigenous hardwoods that we hope will one day be the grandfathers amongst a forest full of wildlife once again.

Why Costa Rica?



Conscious Travel

Whether you're zipping through the jungle canopy, feeling a rush from the cool splash of a waterfall, catching your first wave, or ascending a misty mountain peak – Costa Rica not only packs an epic adventure; it reconnects you to the raw force of nature that awakes your inner wild. Costa Rica is internationally recognized for being one of the most biologically diverse countries in the world, and it earns its reputation as a global leader in sustainability partly due its dedication to the following:

  • doubling forest coverage in the past 30 years through an abundance of national parks
  • producing 99% of its electricity from renewable sources in 2015
  • committing to being carbon neutral by the 2021
  • using taxes collected on the sale of fossil fuels to pay for the protection of forests.
  • dedicating over 25% of Costa Rica’s national territory to conservation with over 20 national parks, 8 biological reserves, animal refuges, and several protected areas.


Endless Coastline

With over 800 miles of pristine coastline and over 300 beaches to explore, the endlessly gorgeous Costa Rican views will invigorate your senses and unlock an entirely new understanding of time. In moving toward a 7 day event, we invite you to take it easy, explore the area, maximize your experience, and truly root down into your being. Your illuminated presence in the world is needed now more than ever. 



The Pure Life

Envision is an invitation. To disconnect from the modern world. To reconnect with nature. To look beyond the ordinary, and see expression. To dance from sunrise, to sunset. To dig deeper and connect to the higher. To ‘do’ less, and be more. Forego beats, and feel vibrations. Abandon our egos, and find our essence. Set down lessons, and become our own teachers. Create goals, and rise together. Bathe in the Tropical fairytale, and bring magic to reality. To embrace a dream...and awaken to the future we Envision.